Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Storage Wars

As I commented in a previous post, my addiction for knitting socks is getting increasingly worse, and my yarn stash is also increasing.  In Algebra we call this a positive correlation.  This makes for a great "real world" example for my students.  Hmmm...could this stash of mine be a tax deduction since it is work related??? :)  Well, the stash was beginning to take over the coat closet.  Each time someone got their coat, there was a major yarn avalanche, so something had to be done.

I had been hearing all the accolades of chalk paint and had seen it all over Pinterest.  It was time to give it a whirl.  A trip to the attic uncovered some old coffee tables that were dusty and banged up.  I chose a nice cream color, and even made my own chalk paint by mixing plaster of paris with water and blending it into latex paint.

 I was quite proud of the result, and decided to bring new life to the chest of drawers that had been in my son's room.  Since he had just gotten married and had purchased new bedroom furniture, his old one, which was almost delapidated, was destined for Goodwill. I decided to salvage the chest of drawers. This time I chose a nice, rich gold color.  The transformation from a dark walnut stain was amazing.  I even used the same hardware, so the project was very cheap.

 This was going to be the solution to the yarn storage problem.  That is, until everyone decided it was too pretty to hide in a craft room.  It has now become a permanent fixture in the foyer, and contains all those little odds and ends that you're not really sure what to do with.  You know exactly what I'm talking about, right?  *wink*


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