Thursday, February 20, 2014

Olympic Socks

The UK baby sweater is blocking and waiting for me to finish the button bands and hood banding (yuck).  I don't enjoy finishing work.  I just really want to knit and have a beautiful product that is already together and doesn't need blocking. Yeah, right.  Fortunately, I am back on track knitting socks.  A few rows into the leg of the pink sock, I realized I hated the pattern.  FROG to the cuff and begin again.  They look much better and I have about three inches of the leg done.  I am calling these my "Olympics socks". 

Every night when I sit down to knit, I tune into NBC and check out the winter games.  I am such a winter person.  I love snow, and all of the fun activities that take place in it.  It is just amazing to me what some of the athletes are able to do.  I am particularly enthralled with curling.  Now those people are really good with a broom.  I wish everyone (or anyone) got so excited whenever I sweep!
NBC always includes some human interest stories in their coverage, and the latest one I saw involved several of our American athletes leaving Russia with one or more of the stray dogs that roam the streets.  How sad that these poor little things have no home, and are just wandering about looking for food and someone to love them.  If you google, you will find several interesting stories.  As a dog lover (and owner of three little darlings), this story just warmed my heart.  Maybe tomorrow I will introduce you to my sweet (well, sometimes that is questionable) doggies.

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