Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Snow Day!!

Here in the south, we have been hit by a blizzard, and a very rare thing happened. My school system had a snow day. We NEVER miss school for snow, so these are very cherished times. I just love mornings at home alone. I had a nice hot cup of strong coffee, read the paper, watched I Love Lucy and did the crossword, all before 8:00, and very peacefully.   I Love Lucy is my favorite show of all time. I DVR it everyday, but it is a real treat to see it in its regular time slot. It makes me laugh each time I watch, even though I've see every episode at least 25 times.

The pink socks are on hold for a few days as I knit another baby sweater. My dear friend is expecting her first grandchild. It is a boy and both parents attended the University of Kentucky, so the sweater has a Wildcat theme, and will be finished off with basketball buttons. I'll post a picture of the finished product in a few days.

AND....the good news is that I just got a text saying we have another snow day tomorrow! More coffee, crosswords and Lucy! I should also be able to make a good bit of progress on the baby sweater so I can get back to my socks! Maybe a snowman will be on the agenda tomorrow as we'll.

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