Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Finally, the Solution

I left yesterday's post without a solution to the yarn stash problem.  I do have nice cream tables (which ended up in my daughters's den) and an attractive gold chest, containing lost of "good" junk that is housed in my foyer.  So...back to the attic.  I remembered an OLD chest of drawers that dates back about 30 years (to when my husband and I were first married and poor).  This thing was dusty and the hardware was beyond repair, but it was worth a try.  This time, I chose a barn red color (Red, Red Wine from Home Depot).  The first custom color they attempted to mix for me actually turned out more of a magenta and so not what I wanted, so the Red, Red Wine was the second color of choice, but a great one.  I also decided to try a new additive to create chalk paint.  After some internet research, I discovered that lots of people found they liked using calcium carbonate as an additive instead of plaster of paris.  I agree with them.  I mixed two tablespoons of calcium carbonate with one tablespoon of water and blended into 1 cup of latex paint.  This was a great improvement.  It created a much smoother texture and a better finished product. I ordered some brushed nickel hardware from, and voila!!!

I bought some white hand towels to line the drawers and now a good part of my yarn stash has a new home.  I have my eye on an old toy chest of my children's.  It looks like it could use a nice coat of chalk paint, and would be just perfect for the rest!!  We shall see!

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