Tuesday, March 25, 2014

One More Day!

So I'm in a bit more of a frenzy today than I was in yesterday.  In about 24 hours I will be boarding the plane for Las Vegas.  Guess what? It is snowing like mad here today.  Really?? It's Spring.  No snow allowed.  When I came to school this morning, the car of a teacher who lives in a neighboring county had two inches of snow on it.  One of my students said he fell in his driveway this morning. UGGGHHH.  This has to stop before tomorrow.  I really don't want my flight to be cancelled.  I've been down that road before too.

The last minute items that need packing are still hanging over my head.  I have created a list so that when I get home I can just gather these things up and throw them in the suitcase.  I have to be completely packed before I leave the house in the morning because I'm leaving for the airport straight from school at 2:45.  I won't have a chance to go home and get any forgotten things. There's still a bit of laundry to catch up and one last run of the dishwasher.  It seems never ending, but will be completely worth it once I arrive and leave all the worries behind.

I probably won't post again until I get back.  I will give all the details and pictures then.  Remember to comment if you want to do a sock knit-a-long this summer.  I've got lots of new yarn to try out, and I'm going to create a fairly easy pattern to use.  It would be fun, so let's do it!

Hope everyone has a nice week, and for any of you on Spring Break next week, ENJOY!!

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