Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Oh, Henry!

It has definitely been a while since my last post.  I have been incredibly busy with work and remodeling the kitchen (which, by the way, is almost done!).  Pictures and a post all about this adventure will follow soon, I promise.  Other news is that the red sock reappeared, along with another sock that I had knitted and had forgotten about.  I was so excited.  I finished the matching sock to the forgotten one, and am almost done with the second red one.  The pink pair that I had a picture of in a previous blog is done and has been gifted to a dear, dear friend.  She actually got two pairs of my socks because she is generously allowing me to use her lakeside cabin for a week after school is out.  I am very excited about this week of vacation. What could be better than a week of knitting by the lake? You can see that my knitting hasn't really slowed down at all.  In fact, I made a trip to Asheville, NC last week to one of my favorite yarn stores and bought several skeins of Indulgence yarn for more socks.  It is such a great, soft yarn for cozy socks.

I promised last time I would talk about Henry the dog.  I left you with this sweet little picture of a precious puppy.  Over time, Henry has grown up and is now a whopping nine pounds of one year old Havanese.  He is so much more than any of us bargained for.  All of the books and articles describe Havanese as calm, smart, non-yappy lap dogs.  He has none of these traits.  He is a tornado, only smart on occasions (like when he wants something he isn't supposed to have) and barks at anything that moves...or doesn't.  He won't be still long enough to stay in your lap.  We think he inherited the traits of our West Highland Terrier, Max, his forever BFF.

He loves to play in the water and the snow, and doesn't mind if he is wet or cold.  I honestly think he could survive in the Alaskan wild.

He adores his toys, but does not care a bit about sharing.  They are all HIS toys, and he hoards them all in his bed or behind the couch.


 His favorite thing of all time is definitely yarn.  I can't even begin to count the times that he has destroyed one or more skeins of yarn because he has gotten into a basket or tote bag, or even gotten on top of a table to capture a treasure.  He takes the greatest joy in destroying the skein.  One time we came home to find him completely tangled up and attached to the end table in the den.  I really want to kill him, but he is so cute I just can't.

I just don't know how people live without doggies.  Ours are just like having two little boys in the house, and I wouldn't have it any other way.  Though they fight like brothers, in the end they will always be the best of friends.

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