Monday, March 24, 2014

Did it!

I did it! I actually accomplished the goals that I had set for the weekend.  My clothes are patiently waiting in my suitcase for their departure to Vegas on Wednesday.  All I need to pack are the last minute things.  Aren't those the worst though?  Ugh.  I always forget something, but as long as I have an extra pair of contacts and my glasses, I can purchase anything I need at Walgreens, which just happens to be right across the street from Treasure Island.  I've looked at the weather forecast, which is in the high 70's with 0% chance of rain.  It all sounds too good to be true.  Here, a "wintry mix" is predicted.  Will Spring ever arrive?

I am still planning to knit the scarf while on the journey.  I have some scrap yarn for some mug cozies if i get bored with the mundane pattern of the scarf.  The book I mentioned in my last post is called The Sock Knitter's Handbook by Beth Parrott.  It really does have some great tips, and has some stitch patterns that are great for socks.  I'm not really all about fancy patterns in my socks.  I knit socks for relaxation, not to be stressed by a complicated pattern.  I have done some simple cables, but lace knitting is not my fave.  I do it often, but don't really have a love affair with yarn overs.  LOL.

I will post before the trip, and plan to take tons of pics to post on here after the return!

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